Rates & Insurance


My fee is $175 per hour.


I am in-network with these insurance companies:
Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Region


I will be terminating my in-network status with these companies by 1/1/22:
Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Shield/MHN 


My fee is $175 per hour.


I am currently not in-network with any insurance companies in Oregon. We can still work together, but you will need to pay the session fee in-full at the time of service and then seek out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance company.

What happens if I’m not in-network with your insurance company?

Even if I am out-of-network for your insurance company, we can still work together. The process is that you pay me my fee in-full at the time of the session. I then submit a claim to your insurance company and request that the reimbursement check be sent directly to you.

Your insurance company will deduct your copay from the reimbursement. They will also only pay what they deem to be “reasonable and customary fees” for my services. What they consider “reasonable and customary” varies wildly by insurance company and location. We will have to do some research to determine what your specific policy allows.

An example:
My fee: $175
Your copay: $25
Insurance company should reimburse you: $150
Your final cost is $25 after the $150 reimbursement.

But, if your insurance company only allows $100 for my service, then your cost is as follows:
My fee: $175
Your copay: $25
Insurance company reimburses you: $100
Your final cost is $75 after the $100 reimbursement.

Why is Therapy so Expensive?

Seasoned therapists are not cheap. They have spent many tens of thousands of dollars in their initial training and master’s degree work. They then spend thousands of dollars more each year for continuing education. They have spent many thousands of hours getting highly skilled at their craft. This expensive education directly benefits you because you get better treatment through our expertise.

Therapists also have several overhead costs such as malpractice insurance, office space, marketing, legal fees, bookkeeping fees, supplies, and the self care needed to be able to sit with thousands of hours of clients’ suffering without burning out and becoming ineffective. It may seem like we are simply sitting in a chair, sipping tea and having a conversation, but we are actually running a business that provides highly-skilled services and need to price our time accordingly.

I find it helpful to think of the cost of therapy as an investment rather than an expense. If you commit yourself and do the work to address your issues, you will be investing in your future peace of mind, improved relationships, ability to cope with life’s hardships, and confidence than comes from being truly integrated with your deepest sense of self. If you make good use of your time in therapy, I believe it’s worth every penny. If you aren’t going to really do the inner work, then you might want to explore other alternatives that are less expensive, but effective per the effort you put into it.