Location & Telehealth


I am located in Ventura, California but I am licensed in both California and Oregon so I provide counseling for adults via telehealth to California and Oregon residents. I do not work with minors, couples, families, nor people living outside of California or Oregon.

I use the HIPAA compliant video service, TheraNest, to assure that our sessions are fully private. These sessions are NOT recorded by me nor the telehealth service provider. You shouldn’t record them either as I don’t allow sessions to be recorded under any circumstances.

The process is simple, I send you a link before the session and you click and join in. You do not have to download any apps to securely join the telehealth sessions. My video service uses standard browsers so you will be able to join from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Counseling via video is not the same as you chatting with a friend. You need to make sure you are in a fully private space during the session because therapy doesn’t work if you can’t feel safe being completely honest and expressive. You need to be in a closed room by yourself. No one else should be in the room, able to see into the room or able to hear our conversation. If you are home with other people consider using your car and windshield sunscreen to create a bubble of privacy.