Coping with Depression

467px-Vincent_Willem_van_Gogh_002What is Depression?

Depression is a powerful disorder that drains vital energy out of the person that suffers from it.

If you have ever experienced depression, you know the feeling of being exhausted, overwhelmed, pessimistic, and unable to rally your energy to focus on the good in life, no matter how hard you try.

For people that haven’t experienced depression, they often think depressed people are simply choosing to be unhappy and just need to snap out of it. It’s not that simple. In fact, it’s rather complex.

How I can Help you With Your Depression

The good news is that depression is treatable.

People with depression can enjoy a better quality of life by making small changes in their daily routines. Lots of small changes eventually add up to give you traction and then momentum to get out of the rut of a depressive lifestyle and into a new way of living that is less burdensome and far more rewarding.

Ways of Treating Depression:

  • Figure out what’s really bothering you. Talk about it rather than ignore it.
  • Problem solve the challenges in your life. Make changes in your life – in small increments.
  • Get active – even just taking a walk by yourself.
  • Being social, not isolated.
  • Good nutrition and sleep.
  • Mindfulness and meditation.
  • Focusing on the good in life.
  • Explore biochemical causes of depression. Consider alternative medicine, like Acupuncture. Consider prescription drugs.

How I will Work With You:

  • In our weekly meetings, I will help you stay focused and motivated to understand your depression and, most importantly, make changes to your depressive lifestyle.
  • I will help you resolve old grief or anger that may be causing your depression.
  • I will help you confront and solve your current life problems.
  • I will help you contact local experts on alternative and western medicine so you can explore medical options for treating depression.

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